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Each of the models below is available as a high-quality, laser-cut acrylic model in either kit or fully assembled form. All models come attractively packaged with everything needed to finish the model (even a screwdriver). No special model-assembly skills are needed: the models just screw together in typically 15-20 minutes.

Piston and Flywheel

Piston and Flywheel

from 19.99

This simple mechanism illustrates the relationship between the piston and the flywheel in a steam engine (or any other simple piston engine). The crank arm and connecting rods translate circular motion of the flywheel into reciprocal (back-and-forth) motion of the piston.

This is a high-quality model, made from laser-cut clear and colored acrylic. You can make it spin by pushing and pulling on the piston with just the right rhythm. The kit includes everything you need, even a mini-screwdriver. Assembly time is around 10-15 minutes. 

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