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Each of the models below is available as a high-quality, laser-cut acrylic model in either kit or fully assembled form. All models come attractively packaged with everything needed to finish the model (even a screwdriver). No special model-assembly skills are needed: the models just screw together in typically 15-20 minutes.

Folded Steam Engine

Folded Steam Engine

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This model steam engine is a modification of the Right Angle Steam Engine. Like that engine, it illustrates how the motion of the valve and piston are 90 degrees out of phase with each other (for an explanation of what that means, see my page on the Right Angle Steam Engine). This design is one step closer to the design of real steam engines in that the valve is brought close to the cylinder, to minimize the length of the pipes that carry steam. For efficiency, these should be as short as possible.

This is a high-quality model, made from laser-cut clear and colored acrylic. It will not run on actual steam or compressed air, but you can make it spin by pushing and pulling on the piston with just the right rhythm. The kit includes everything you need, even a mini-screwdriver. Assembly time is around 10-15 minutes. 

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