Wholesale Information

We are looking for retailers, catalog sellers, and online shops wishing to sell our high-quality acrylic model kits. These kits are ideal for science museum gift shops, STEM suppliers, educational toy sellers, homeschool distributors, and so on. Attractive wholesale discounts are available with low minimum order quantities.

All our kits are attractively packaged in clear retail boxes with full-color inserts and UPC codes. Boxes are designed to shelve either wide or edge on, like books. These kits are designed and manufactured at our studios in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. They are made of high-grade clear and colored acrylic, and include all tools needed for assembly (a screwdriver and/or two wrenches). Detailed step-by-step assembly videos for each model ensure customer satisfaction, and we provide replacement parts directly through our website.

For details and wholesale pricing, please contact theodore@theodoregray.com.

For bricks-and-mortar retailers we have available a delightful, interactive point-of-sale display that lets visitors interact with two of the models. The display is made of robust, kid-proof acrylic with industrial-grade push buttons. When either button is pressed, the corresponding model comes to life (powered by a small electric motor in the back), and a set of LED lights illuminates the "billboard" mounted in the center of the display, and the two models. The display is battery-operated so it can be placed anywhere. Four D batteries (supplied) will power the display for a very long time.

Watch the two videos below to see the display in action.