Two-Speed Transaxle

Two-Speed Transaxle

This is a model of a two-speed transaxle, which combines the functions of a Transmission and a Differential (both of which are available as separate kits). Transaxles are typically found in cars that have both the engine and the drive wheels at the send end of the car (i.e. front-wheel-drive cars, but also the more unusual rear-wheel-drive cars that have their engine in the back). The reason is simple: a transaxle is smaller than than the two components built separately.

You can read more about the details of the transmission section of this model on the page about the Transmission model. And you can read more about the details of the differential section on the page about the Differential model.

An optional Electric Motor Add-on, sold separately, can be installed to replace the manual crank. This kit is available as a stand-alone model, and the core of it is also included in our Radial Engine Car model.

See the model in operation (please note that these videos shows the optional Electric Motor Add-on kit, sold separately, installed):

Your model will arrive attractively packaged with all the necessary parts (including a screwdriver and two wrenches). The kit screws together in about 45-60 minutes, and does not require any special model-building skills. A detailed, step-by-step assembly video is available on our instructions page.