Obvious in Hindsight Designs Presents:

The MultiBoard


About the MultiBoard:

Example Full Size MulitBoard with optional trifold addition.

Example Full Size MulitBoard with optional trifold addition.

Example Full Size MultiBoard with iPad Holder.

Example Full Size MultiBoard with iPad Holder.

The MultiBoard is a modular cross between a clipboard and binder. The modular design means it can be adapted on the fly by swapping out the accessory panels for virtually any use, from taking field notes to attending meetings.

The MultiBoard comes in two sizes, full size and half size. Full size is designed to hold standard letter size (8.5"x11") paper. Half size holds a letter sheet folded in half and A5-sized (5.8”x8.3”) notebooks. Non-standard size notebooks are held in with an optional cord and elastic strap.

MultiBoard Key Features

  • Highly Modular Design: Adapt your MultiBoard to your needs on the fly.

    • Geology fieldwork? Carry an emergency protractor overlay and waterproof notebook.

    • Going to a meeting? Carry your key talking points on one side and a pad of paper for notes on the other.

    • Going canvassing? Carry a stack of handouts in a plastic envelope on one side and a questionnaire on the other.

  • Purpose made Accessories Include:

    • Notebook and legal pad holders

    • “Emergency Protractor” Map Holder

      • Secure your map with all four corners covered. Angles are marked around the perimeter. Use paracord or any other straight edge to find an angle.

    • Corner Paper Holders: A clever way to secure loose paper to your MultiBoard. Securely hold from a single page to over 20 sheets of paper.

    • iPad Holder (full or half size)

    • Sheet Cover (for dry erase markers and/or protection)

    • Pen Holder

      *Not all accessories are currently listed in the store. If you want something that’s not yet listed feel free to email me about it.

  • Add Your Own Accessories

    • The MultiBoard has holes that align with common binders spacing, such as 3-ring (Full-Size) and 7-Ring (Half-Size) so you can bind your own paper or accessories.

    • Place the hook side of a hook-and-loop fastener (such as Velcro) on commonly available binder accessories such as pockets or sleeves so they can easily be swapped out.

    • Screw posts or split pins can also be used.

  • Sewn, adjustable binding with elastic straps.

    • The binding can be adjusted over a wide range of widths so your MultiBoard comfortably accommodates anywhere from a single sheet of paper to a full inch worth of notebooks, pens, etc.

    • Elastic Straps hold pens, bottles of acid, plastic sample bags, etc.

  • Expandable

    • Want to carry more than what two panels will hold? Every MultiBoard can be converted into a tri-fold, Providing two more panel faces to add accessories. The third panels can also act as a hard surface for using carbon-copy lab notebooks.

Available in Two Materials:

By default the MultiBoard is made out of 0.125" (~3mm) acrylic, the common material for geology mapboards. It can also be made out of ~1.6mm PETG for the same price.

About PETG:

  • PETG, the typical material for soda bottles, is far more more durable but provides a less stiff writing surface, scratches easier, and very slowly degrades in sunlight (the degradation is very slow - depending on usage, you are unlikely to notice for at least a year).

Which do you want?

  • Acrylic is suitable for people who want a higher quality board and will take care of it as a normal mapboard. By default the MultiBoard comes in acrylic.

  • PETG is for people who want a board they can toss around near rocks without fear of damage. If you would like PETG please say so in the order comments. 

Please Note: In an effort to sell the best product I can, as well as fulfill orders as promptly as possible, I may make small design changes from the photos you see. For example, replacing knots with crimps, or using different color paracord.

Shipping Notes

MultiBoards generally ship within several business days, but may take up to a week. In the event of circumstances that will prevent shipping within a week we will contact you with an estimated time and offer a refund if it doesn’t work for you.