Obvious in Hindsight Designs

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Our Products:

The MultiBoard

The MultiBoard is a modular cross between a binder and a clipboard. Designed for extensive flexibility, it can be customized on the fly for any purpose from geology field work to taking notes in a meeting.


The SingleBoard

The SingleBoard offers the core features of the MultiBoard and trades protection for weight and cost savings. One side is designed to hold a notebook while the other holds your map. Writing utensils, protractors, and bottles of acid can be held to the board with included elastic bands.

The SingleBoard is for people who want a Board that both provides a hard writing surface and allows direct access to their notebook, map, writing tools, acid, etc.

Geology Protractors

Our geology protractor puts the 0° at the top.

Available in easy-to-see fluorescent red acrylic, durable PETG, and inexpensive standard clear acrylic.


About Obvious In Hindsight Designs:

Testing a prototype MultiBoard on a class field trip to New Zealand in Feb ‘19.

Testing a prototype MultiBoard on a class field trip to New Zealand in Feb ‘19.

Obvious In Hindsight (OIH) Designs was founded by Nick Mann in late 2018 while he was a geology student at Cornell College. Nick needed a mapboard for field work, and thought he could do better than what was out there. It turned into a very deep rabbit hole. OIH Designs is able to exist through the infrastructure support of Mechanical GIFs.

In his other life, Nick is the photographer of the bestselling books: The Elements,” “Molecules,” and “Reactions,” each written by Theodore Gray. He also photographed Skulls” by Simon Winchester.