The MultiBoard for Geologists

The MultiBoard for Geologists

Why the Multiboard is the best geology map board.


Video Walkthrough of the MultiBoard (half size) for Geologists.

Note I have made a few small design improvements since filming this, but the core features are all the same.


Versatile and Modular: Useful in the Field, Class, and Lab

Quickly adapt the same MultiBoard for both the field and class by swapping out the inserts. Carry a regular notebook and binder pocket for class or lab, then swap them out with our map holder and a waterproof notebook for the field.

Working in the wind? Our map holder, featuring an emergency protractor, covers all edges and corners of your map to keep it in place.

Don’t need a notebook? Carry only a map.

Have a notes or a map that you want to read but not write on? Place it facing up on the inside to protect it.

Just how versatile is the MultiBoard? This video shows speeding through many different configurations in 2 minutes. (No Sound.)

Want to markup a map or checklist with a dry-erase marker? We offer a thin plastic sheet cover for this purpose.

Mapping on an iPad or other tablet? We offer holders for those too.

Need more panels? Every MultiBoard can be turned into a tri-fold on the fly by ordering the third panel.


Frees up your hands

Easily carry the MultiBoard with either a shoulder strap or paracord and a carabiner attached to backpack loop. Keep your MultiBoard immediately accessible while freeing your hands to climb up and down towards the rocks (or carry the beer). No more taking the time to put your mapboard in your backpack when you want both hands.

Also works great for both mountain biking and kayaking (shown here with our SingleBoard).


Combines the best of clipboards and binders

Better than a binder:

  • No large rings and an adjustable binding mean the MultiBoard is only 1/4 inch thicker than what you carry in it, while still protecting your work.

  • Full size is compatible with most 3-ring binder accessories, while half-size will hold most 7-ring accessories through screw-posts, folding pins, or other binder fasteners.

    • The best option is to add adhesive hook fastener (such as Velcro) onto the binder accessory to the match the loop fasteners on the panel.

  • Clear front and back panels mean you can reference your work while keeping it protected.

    Better than a clipboard:

  • Front panel can be used as a standalone single-panel clipboard (thanks to binding attached with hook-and-loop fastener).

  • Make a storage clipboard by attaching papers to the front with binder clips and adding a binder envelope to hold other papers to back.

  • Front panel can also be used as a single panel with either our emergency-protractor map holder or a clear plastic cover sheet (for protection and/or dry erase markers) attached.


Did I mention the Emergency Protractor?

Hold your map in the MultiBoard with our patent-pending emergency protractor. Not only does it securely hold your map in windy conditions by covering the edges and all four corners of your map, but it has a built-in protractor.

The protractor works with the included length of paracord or any straight edge. Simply put the end of the paracord in one of the slots at the bottom and find the marked angle opposite. All the angles are engraved (no ink to rub off).

Note that the emergency protractor is not designed to be better than a normal protractor. A normal protractor (or better yet, one of our 0°-at-the-top protractors) is probably faster to use. The emergency protractor is designed to be better than no protractor (such as if you drop your normal one), and it does a great drop.


Designed for All-Weather Usage

The MultiBoard uses waterproof adhesives and will float with typical accessories (such as a notebook).

*Exact buoyancy will depend on what you have in there. The MultiBoard without accessories has a similar density to water.