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Half Size Geology SingleBoard Kit

Half Size Geology SingleBoard Kit


Introducing the SingleBoard (Geology Half-Size).

The SingleBoard brings you features of the Geology MultiBoard at a lower price point.

The SingleBoard is designed to hold standard letter size (8.5x11”) paper folded in half.

Key Features Include:

  • Emergency Protractor Outline on one side.

    • Holds your map in place with all four corners and edges covered

    • Has angles marked around the perimeter. Find angles with a length of paracord (included) or any straight edge.

  • Holds notebooks with removable cord and elastic strap (both included).

  • Carry pens, bottle of acid, paracord, etc using the common hair ties (included).

    • Easily replaced anywhere in the world.

The Kit Includes:

  • A SingleBoard Panel

  • Notebook Holding Setup (fits upto A5):

    • Cord (made out of speargun line) with metal crimped loops at each end.

    • Metal Screwposts to hold cord.

    • Elastic loop.

  • Emergency Protractor

    • Perimeter Overlay + Length of Paracord

  • Common Elastic hair ties for holding accessories (at least three).

  • Two metal crimped loops for attaching to shoulder strap or carabiner.

By default the SingleBoard is made out of 0.125" (~3mm) acrylic. It can also be made out of ~2mm PETG on request for the same price. Please leave a comment when ordering. The

Please Note: In an effort to sell the best product I can as well as fulfill orders as promptly as possible, there may be cosmetic differences and/or improvements from the photos you see. For example, different color paracord.

By default the emergency protractor is designed for landscape-oriented maps folded in half. On request, I can substitute an emergency protractor designed for portrait maps folded in half. Please leave a comment.

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