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Half-Size Geology MultiBoard Kit (Unassembled)

Half-Size Geology MultiBoard Kit (Unassembled)


We present the MultiBoard Half Size Geology Kit (Unassembled).

Save money by assembling your own MultiBoard. It’s not hard, just a bit tedious, and I’m happy to give a discount if you’re willing assemble it yourself.

The steps to assemble it are:

  1. Peel the protective blue film off the acrylic panels, and the protective clear film off the protractor overlay.

  2. Place the adhesive loop-side fastener on the board panels. There are guide marks engraved into the board to show the position, and you’ll also be provided with a reference.

  3. Place the hook-side fastener on the back of the protractor panel.

  4. Add accessories such as the cord and elastic for a notebook (the post-screws secure the notebook cord).

Please note, in an effort to both provide the best product I can and fulfill orders as promptly as possible there may be small changes between what you see here and the shipped product (such as the color of the paracord).

The Kit Includes: 

  • One core MultiBoard (front and back panels, binding, closure strap)

  • Four loops for attaching a shoulder strap.

  • A cord and elastic strap for notebook. 

  • Emergency Protractor Overlay (+length of paracord). 

By default the MultiBoard is made out of 0.125" acrylic. It can also be made out of ~2mm (about half the width) PETG for the same price. PETG is more durable but provides a less stiff writing surface, scratches easier, and will eventually degrade in sunlight. If you would like PETG please say so in the order comments. 

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