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Geology Protractor Acrylic 1/8" (Pack of 5)

Geology Protractor Acrylic 1/8" (Pack of 5)

from 10.00

Obvious in Hindsight Designs presents the Geology Protractor in 1/8” transparent acrylic.

Click here for main geology protractor page.


What makes it a geology protractor? It has the zero at the top.

Durability can be increased by adding a clear, strong, waterproof tape (such as Gorilla or T-Rex) to one side. The protractor is intentionally sized so that it’s just narrower than standard 1.8” rolls of tape. I can do this for you (see option below).

Visibility can be increased by adding brightly colored tape to it. (See photo for example.)

If you buy just the plain protractor then it will come with protective blue on each side.

Sold in packs of five.

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