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Oversize SingleBoard Kit

Oversize SingleBoard Kit


The Oversize SingleBoard is a better clipboard. Features include:

  • Hold your papers down in the wind

  • Easily protect your work and use dry erase markers with the clear cover sheet

  • Storage for extra papers on the back with a binder envelope (included)

  • Hold pens, pencils, sample vials, etc around the edges.

  • Hole at the top to hang the SingleBoard on a hook

  • Easily carry with a strap using included strap loop

The SingleBoard Kit comes with:

  • SingleBoard

  • Small binder rings for top (2)

  • Clear cover sheet

  • Anti-wind paper overlay (covers ~1/2” on all sides of paper and attaches to the top)

  • Elastic cord at bottom

  • Binder pocket attached to back for holding papers

  • Elastic loops for holding pens, etc (3)

  • Strap loop

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