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Emergency Protractor Map Holder

Emergency Protractor Map Holder

from 4.00

Already have a mapboard? Want to secure your map down with an emergency protractor? You can do that.

This is the emergency protractor map holder. Keeps your map down with the edges and all four corners covered. Angles are marked around the perimeter so it can be used as a protractor with any cord or straight edge.

By default the hook-side adhesive fastener is installed on the back (and loop side is included). If you don’t want it installed (such as if you were going to tape down three sides) select the option below and it won’t be included.


  • Emergency Protractor

  • Three corner tension tabs to keep the paper in place (one installed)

  • Six pieces of adhesive loop fastener to secure the emergency protractor to your own mapboard (when selected below).

Hook and Loop Fasteners:
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