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Each of the models below is available as a high-quality, laser-cut acrylic model in either kit or fully assembled form. All models come attractively packaged with everything needed to finish the model (even a screwdriver). No special model-assembly skills are needed: the models just screw together in typically 15-20 minutes.

Ultra Mega Set

Ultra Mega Set

from 634.99

This set includes all the models we have available, 2D and 3D: Pin-Tumbler Lock, Radial Engine, Two-Eccentrics Steam Engine, Folded Steam Engine, Right-Angle Steam Engine, Piston and FlywheelCombination Lock, Radial Engine Car, Rack-and-Pinion Steering, Differential, Transmission, and Transaxle.

It also includes four of the Electric Motor Add-on kits so you can electrify the four kits for which that is possible.

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