Transparently Obvious

mechanical gifs are Physical Models you can hold in your hand

My mechanical gifs are not animated gifs of the kind you find all over the internet. Instead they are real, physical objects that serve the same purpose. They help you understand how common and uncommon machines, mechanisms, gadgets, and devices work. You can hold them in your hand and put them through their paces as fast or as slow as you like until it all makes sense. There is no substitute for the physical intuition this sort of hands-on experience gives you.

They are are also fun, beautiful, and make great gifts. They are, in short, giftable gifs!

Each model is laser-cut from crystal clear acrylic and assembled by you using the included nuts, bolts, and tools. Online assembly videos make it easy to get everything put together and working. The models work smoothly, with the satisfying sound of precision-cut, high-quality materials. (OK, it's plastic, but it's really good plastic.)

Mechanical gifs are created by Theodore Gray and photographed by Nick Mann. They make simple machines seem transparently obvious, and they are also...

Obviously Transparent